Eggs are one of the great healthy protein sources, and they are CHEAP! This recipe is SO FAST you can have it done before your air pressure is built, and you only need a microwave!

First, lightly spray a microwave safe tupperware with some cooking spray.

Next, crack 2 eggs, and mix with a half and half coffee creamer ( the non flavored kind.. unless you really like french vanilla in your eggs), or about a tablespoon of milk.

At this point, it's really up to personal preference. I like to add a little frozen spinach, some frozen onion and pepper mix (save these!!!! I use these in my Fajitas recipe too!), and some cheddar cheese. You can even crumble some microwave bacon ,some breakfast sausage or some cut up ham deli meat in there too.

Whip the eggs, cream/milk, and the rest of the ingredients together with a fork, and pop in the microwave UNCOVERED for 45 seconds on high. Mix the eggs and ingredients one more time to cook more evenly, and cook for another 30 seconds or so until the eggs are set. Top with a little fresh cracked black pepper and some salt, and you've got some great breakfast in about 2 minutes!


-2 eggs

-Tablespoon of half&half or milk

-pinch of salt and pepper


-Cheddar cheese (or other cheese, I like Cheddar because I use it to top my Quick Chili with)

-Frozen Veggies

- Heat and Serve meat

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