This is a spin on traditional Polish Golabki I came up with. Talk about comfort food... makes the hair on my arms stand up just thinking about it. This recipe does take a little longer to cook, so do it on a 10 hour or during a reset, and you'll have a few meals ready to heat up for the week.

This dish requires another spice not covered in the Basic Pantry, but you should have it anyway. That spice is Majoram and is a staple in this dish. 

Take about a pound of smoked polish sausage  and cut it up into small bite sized pieces. (golabki is tradionally made with a mixture of ground beef and pork, but sausage keeps better in the fridge, and is a little easy to deal with). On your hotplate/camping stove, heat up a small amount of olive oil, just about a quarter sized drop in the pot. Once the oil is shimmery and runny, toss in all of the sausage. While the sausage is cooking, in the microwave heat up about 1 1/4 cup Minute Rice following the directions on the box. Stir regularly until the sausage starts to brown. Once browned, add one 32oz jar of drained sourkraut to the pan, and continue to stir to mix all of the meat juices in with the kraut. 

Continue to cook until most of the juices have cooked off and the kraut is opaque and soft, add one 15oz can of crushed tomatoes with the juices, and a big squeeze of ketchup, and stir to make a sauce. Add about 3/4ths a tablespoon of Majoram, a teaspoon of italian seasoning, a few dashes of garlic powder, a half teaspoon of pepper, and depeding on how salty your saurkraut is, maybe a half teaspoon of salt to taste. Combine with the cooked rice, and EAT! Store in tupperware, and you'll have food for the next half of the week. 


1lb Smoked Polish Sausage

1 32oz jar of SourKraut

1 1/4 cup Minute Rice

1 15oz can Crushed tomatoes w/ juice

1 LARGE squeeze of ketchup

3/4th tablespoon Majoram

1 Teaspoon of Italian Seasoning

Dash of Garlic Powder

1/2 Teaspoon pepper (to taste)

1/2 teaspoon salt ( to taste)

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