Welcome to The Truckers Collective Cookbook WikiaEdit

Eating good meals and staying healthy is tough on the road. This is a collective truckers cook book for quick and healthy, but hearty meals that can be cooked in a microwave, a hotplate with 1 pot or pan, and use limited ingredients. We deserve better than sandwiches and truck stop buffet!

Most ingredient hyperlinks will take you to the Walmart website with a picture, but everything should be available at Walmart or other super market.

Basic Pantry Edit

The Basic Pantry List will get you started with the essential spices and other basic ingredients. I recomend everyone have all of these items at a minimum. Feel free to have more if you've got the room!

Breakfast Foods Edit

Easiest Omelette

Crispy Hashbrowns

Entrees Edit

Polish sausage, kraut, in stewed tomatoes with rice - A truckers take on traditional Polish Golabki (plenty of left overs, refrigerates and freezes well!)

Simple 1-man chili (crockpot required)

CrockPot Short Ribs with Kraut (obviously crockpot required)

Walmarts with truck parking Edit

Walmarts with truck parking

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